walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Magic Strikes_, Ilona Andrews, book 3 Kate Daniels/Atlanta series

Well either I was in the right mood for this, or Andrews really hit her stride in book 3, because I liked this a lot better than the first two in the series. Which says something about my tolerance for this kind of book, that I kept reading as long as I did. This was going to be the last one before I gave up, but now I'm really excited to read another -- and a little disappointed that the next book from the author is book 1 in a different series. I cannot imagine this is the last we'll be hearing about Kate Daniels, however.

Once again, it's a future (altho not as near future as many of these kinds of books) world in which vampires, were-animals and other magic is an accepted part of reality. The city: Atlanta. In this case, magic and tech oscillate as waves of magic wash over the world at unpredictable times and of unpredictable intensity. In this series entry, there's actually only one guy chasing after our heroine (!!!), Beast Lord Curran, leader of the Pack of Atlanta. Her protege, and Curran's likely successor, Derek, is caught by Saiman (okay, I lied -- Saiman is chasing after her, too) trying to break into his apartment to steal two tickets to preternatural gladiatoral games. We learn a bit more about Kate's past, her step-dad, her natural father (Roland) and his powers, lieutenants and weapons. I had some serious Wen Spencer moments, with the oni, and I'm still trying to remember if Spencer used rakshasas also, or that was someone else. It really doesn't matter.

In any event, Kate, as with Harry in the most recent Jim Butcher books and what-s-her-name in The Hollows by Kim Harrison, is Growing Up, Thinking Ahead, Rallying the Troops, etc.

Two laugh out loud bits in the book: one was Raphael's description of the room-turned-upside-down and the unfortunate cat-in-cat-carrier-peeing-on-the-fan; the other was the qualifying fight in the Games when Curran, Dali and Kate can't figure out why Jim is so mad at them.

Great stuff. I think you might be able to make sense of this without reading the rest of the series first, then you could decide how badly you needed the background, and how much you were willing to put up waiting for the next one. Definitely went straight to the top of my urban fantasy preferences with this entry.
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