walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: the ladies who lunch, car repair

Today I took the Fit up to Peters Honda in Nashua to have a part replaced. It is some part surrounding the brake lever, which was cracking. I told them I would wait for it to be repaired, about an hour, figuring A. and I could go to Ruby Tuesday's across the street, which I think I did once before for an oil change.

Well, the once before was prior to having a child, apparently, because I would have remembered crossing that road with a kid. Geez. No sidewalks for a large fraction of a mile in either direction. I went to the jug handle and timed the lights and got lucky both ways.

Ruby Tuesday's has long since abandoned their efforts to provide lower calorie, healthy options, so I had a turkey burger and fries and fed A. cheerios and applesauce which I brought with us.
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