walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

This Is What Terrorism Looks Like


There are doctors out there willing to do hard things: late term abortion to save a woman's health, life, reproductive capacity. During democratic administrations in particular, these doctors are at severe risk of attack by terrorists. Much like the WTC, this particular victim has been hit a second time. Much like the WTC, while he recovered from his first attack, he died in the second one.

We're willing to go after people who espouse the same belief system as terrorists, who donate money to terrorists, who associate with terrorists, who sympathize with or provide safe haven to terrorists.

If we treated the guy who did this -- and the people who think the way he thinks -- the same way we treated the people who attacked the WTC, would we be waterboarding pro-lifers right now? Would it be enough for Operation Rescue to denounce this heinous act?
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