walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

autistic child in the outdoors

I've been reading my New Favorite Blog and some of the lovely things she references, and thinking about what kind of environment is Really Great for a kid with some of the traits she describes. Several really stuck out:

identifying objects embedded in a field
completely non-reactive to loud noises (clap, starter pistol fired directly behind head)
immediately response to very quiet noises of interest, even from a substantial distance (video in the next room, played quietly)
undistracted by socializing, chitchat
quiet -- does not talk much if at all
able to and interested in imposing order on collections (arranging books, video, etc. in a row)
interest in producing music, perfect pitch

If you had to be transported back in time and space to a hunter gatherer society, I cannot imagine a better kid to have around. They'll help you collect food (flora and fauna), they won't respond to Big Scary Animal Noise in a way that gets you into trouble, if you are interesting to them, they'll probably be able to find you from a good distance away and come instantly and quickly to you (or to whatever else might interest them). And they'll be able to keep your gear together, arranged in a way that makes it easy to access and transport.

If you're lucky, they'll be able to amuse you in the quiet, long stretches of the night by singing, or playing a pipe or something similar.

Just because someone isn't going to make a great lawyer, or a talk show host, or whatever, doesn't mean they can't be useful.
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