walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

It's my birthday and she'll crawl if she wants to. . .

I'm 40! Woohoo!

I've been waiting for this for two decades on the premise that once I'm forty, people will have to take me more seriously. Also, they won't be carding me any more. We'll see if that's true or just wishful thinking (I'm optimistic about the carding; less so about the taking me seriously).

A. has decided Today Is the Day to Crawl. Fortunately, she's also interested in pulling herself up on stuff and standing next to them and holding on, which helps distract her from teh Awesomeness that is electrical outlets. Best of all, she's going after R. and his computer, instead of me.

If you know me, and you are on the East Coast, and you haven't gotten an invitation from me via Socializr, one of a few things has happened:

(1) It's in your spam filter (or you haven't checked e-mail recently).
(2) I don't have your current e-mail address (could be my bad. Believe me. Could be my bad.)
(3) I concluded that wherever I think you live is ridiculously far away from Acton, MA and you couldn't realistically be expected to attend -- so if you think where you live is NOT ridiculously far from Acton, let me know and I'll add you.

Feel free to send me e-mail, or comment, or whatever and we'll figure it out.
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