walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

searching for moederfietsen

Oh THIS makes me CRANKY!


* Dit jaar nog mooier,
* veiliger en completer.
* Trendy kleuren en stickers geïnspireerd op stoffenprints maken de Liberty tot een ideale fiets voor de mama met mode gevoel.
* Aluminium frame, met extra lage en ruime instap.
* Voorvork unicrown staal.
* Shimano Nexus 3 en 7 versnellingen met Shimano Rollerbrake.
* Euroline aluminium, dubbelwandige velgen.
* Banden CST anti-lek.
* Aluminium verstelbare stuurpen.
* Comfortable zadel Foming 800D.
* Roestvrije aluminium zadelpen.
* Smart Halogeen on/off voorlamp.
* Hermans Twinle achterlamp.
* Nu met Shimano naafdynamo.
* Axa defender slot met extra aansluiting voor een kabel of ketting(optie).
* Wordt geleverd zonder kinderzitjes, windscherm en tassen

And how much do they want for this gem?

usually 499 euro, but now 399. AND you can get extras, like the plug in chain for the Axa lock for 12.95 euro, and like a Mini, a Maxi, a windscreen and a rack and panniers to go under the Maxi for a whopping 185 euros.

You don't want to know what I've spent trying to produce _exactly_ this bike (altho mine has the 8 speed Nexus Shimano, and this one has 3 or 7, and I have 2 V-brakes and I would not be surprised to learn this thing has a better paint job and it comes with the Shimano hub dynamo I want, but halogens when I'd prefer LEDs). I'm actually not sure how much I'm spending trying to produce exactly this bike.

But a whole lot more than 600 euros. Close to double. I bet I could have imported this sucker for less than I'm paying to build the equivalent out here.


But I do love my bike. I'd just love it a whole lot more if it had a rack and panniers on it. And a lighting system. *sigh*

AND they get to buy this gem with PRE TAX DOLLARS assuming they haven't done it in the previous three years. Not fair.

ETA: I walked through the shopping process. It looks like they only ship in-country and to Belgium. Bummer.

ETAYA: I thought of one thing my version has that's worth some of that extra money - the Townie has front suspension. I would so trade it for a rear rack.
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