walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: bicycling, La Carreta, more bicycling, still more bicycling

First up: the usual follow T. around in the street. Then lunch at La Carreta (I'm probably spelling that wrong), a quick trip to Costco for diapers, TP and more clothes for A., back home briefly and then down to Belmont Wheelworks to PICK UP MY TOWNIE!!!!

Ooooh, I was excited. In fact, I still am.

They had indeed fitted it with the Bobike Mini and Maxi which I delivered to them (CleverCycles shipped it to me, and then Wheelworks and CleverCycles did some sort of deal to get the right bracket). They said they had a "center kickstand", by which I _meant_ something that would stably support kids and/or cargo which is to say under the bike and out on both sides. It is in fact the very normal kickstand that the Electra comes with. Damn it. Now, I was willing to allow for the possibility that I was using the wrong term, but google suggests that people with motorcycles, motorbikes and bicycles all agree with my usage and _not theirs_.

So I'll have to track one down and maybe R. will install it, or maybe I'll take a whole bunch of stuff to Wheelworks or elsewhere and have them all installed at once. Things like an Axa Defender and a dynamo lighting system with a standlight. I suspect I'll be supplying all the pieces, because I bet they won't have any mortal clue what I'm asking for, much less why I'd want it. [ETA: this is probably unfair. They almost certainly have the lighting system I'd want. We'll see about the lock.]

The good news is the bike is great. I _love_ the seat, which R., unfortunately, loathes and it is a quick release, but the mounting bracket for the maxi on a Townie gets right in the way of basically everything. It's hard to adjust seat height, so it won't be easy swapping it, but will be doable. Both the Mini and the Maxi can be hot swapped without much trouble at all. If you buy additional mounts for other bikes, you can move them around with the kid. Dunno if we'll do it, but we might.

I have not put A. on the bike yet. I did, however, put T. on and rode around after he got good and tired out playing on his own bike. That was fun. The brakes on the Townie are frighteningly good -- I startled the heck out of myself when I first tried them on my own. They're still great with T. behind me so I'm optimistic I won't have trouble stopping the bike when both kids on. Unfortunately, a rack was not in the cards with the Maxi, so I have a cargo problem. If I just have A., the Maxi should work beautifully to carry a large bag of groceries or similar and the 3 point harness will keep it in place. I may be able to wear a backpack with T. in the seat. I'm sure I could wear my messenger bag (altho I will have to _find_ it). Weirdly, I feel like the bike handles better loaded, but that may just be because I'm all weirded out by the front suspension.

Fish fajitas at lunch were grand, and A. ate some guacamole and some refried beans. She's been eating a ton lately (and won't sleep unless she gets food as well as boob).
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