walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: Grocery shopping

I'm not going to mention Farm Town again, other than to reiterate that hey, don't start this crack on my account, but if you are playing, to quote the dearly beloved and passed Fred, Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Today, despite the high 80s heat, I put A. in the Bob stroller and we went on down to the Roche Bros. and Starbucks about a mile away. I inadvertently got a regular iced soy mocha no whip, which I am very carefully not drinking very much of. She fell asleep on the way back, but woke up shortly after getting home -- very cranky! After much nursing and puking, she was happier but still awake so I stuck her on the floor of the bathroom while I took a shower to get rid of the salt (yeah, kinda sweaty out there) and get to know my legs again, it being summer time and all. The toddler busy box kept her entertained while I played peek-a-boo around the shower curtain.

We didn't get many groceries, but I could have. The Bob's basket is deceptively large. If I brought a backpack, I could get most of a week's worth; I used to go to Madison Market with T. that way. Fortunately, Roche Bros. is closer to our house than Madison was to our apartment and the hills are much smaller.

I mostly left the house to delay buying the graffiti style Phil & Ted's Vibe on sale at Costco.com. Now that I'm back and caught up on Farm Town, I suspect I'm going to succumb.

ETA: I've decided not to succumb. And I'm not going to buy one of the flagship MacLaren's, either. I'm going to stick with the Britax Vigour until she doesn't fit in it any more and then I'll worry about what to do next.

And best of all, R. had the Brilliant Idea of getting me a tandem for my birthday. After some research (independent pedaling, upright position, crank forward, blah, blah, bleeping, blah, you know me, I only left the internal hub off because I figure he's responsible for shifting), and a little lusting after the Workcycles version of the Onderwater family bike (I think we rode an Onderwater on Ameland), I've settled on the Rans Dynamik (sic, or maybe that should be sik) Duo, kitted out with the DaVinci IPS and assorted other goodies. Yum. Since I've ratcheted the price up from a Cannondale or Trek (or hypothetical other big maker recumbent), I'm lobbying to make this a give-each-other-a-b-day-and-5th-anniversary tandem. It's kind of romantic, actually. :-)
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