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Doom! (NOT the game.)

I love Doom. I really do. Doom makes me feel completely normal. I blame my upbringing as a Jehovah's Witness by parents who really believed in spanking. Hard and often. I honestly believed my parents were prepared to let me die or kill me themselves if I didn't toe the line and I'd internalized their values so thoroughly I thought they were correct to do so.

It wasn't until I realized they were very, very wrong that I could even contemplate having children of my own.

Yet DOOOOOOM holds a lot of appeal. Fortunately, my attraction to Doom (eschatophilia -- other people made that word up before I thought of it) has manifested mostly as What Can We Do to Make Sure It Does Not Actually Happen and only secondarily as stockpiling food and ammo (and these days, I don't even bother with the ammo -- I figure this is a sign of maturity and mental and emotional well-being, but it could also be concern about guns and kids). So while there are bags of dried beans and grains in the house, we actually grind them up and make soup and bread with them on a fairly regular basis (or waffles or whatever).

I was somewhat surprised to see that there was some self-awareness in the PO crowd, that some people were responding to the idea of Peak Oil with calls for Nazi Style eugenics and population control, and that That Was Perceived As Not OK. I'm a little disappointed that people are going, dude, not OK, rather than saying things like, hey, Not OK, sign that you were abused as a child, get some help and oh, BTW? Poor societies do not actually off their handicapped. Not how it works. Most importantly from a pragmatic perspective, if you adjust your use of the local environment so you are using it at less than carrying capacity, someone or something else will come in and take up that unoccupied niche. Did you _pay attention_ to evolution? At any point?

Interestingly, there's also awareness of a cohort: that the Doomers advocating eugenics and PowerDown and crap like that are in their 50s or older, and the optimistic PO crowd is trying to figure out how to run everything off electricity generated by alternative fuels, rather than come up with replacement liquid fuels. And that crowd is rather distinctly not in its 50s. Tell you what: if you have little kids, you are not going to be in a hurry to set up a anything-to-liquids conversion plant, you'll really being trying to figure out how to wind coal _down_, not increase usage, and nukes are going to give you the heebies. Making wind, solar and (therefore) batteries work is going to be really compelling if you're looking at the person who is going to have to clean up after whatever you decide to do and they're drooling at you in a Very Cute Way. It's a whole lot easier to say, ah, let someone else worry about the waste problem -- fast breeders are totally reasonable -- if your kids are obnoxious teenagers, or 20 something year olds who refuse to have anything to do with you.

Or, I suppose, if you've aged out of your reproductive years without having reproduced.

ETA: h/t to peakoildebunked for this link:


I'm not sure what to make of this (I'm assuming Heinberg is not making up "Urinetown"). I guess I just want to grab someone by the short hairs and scream "History! History! History! Oh, and pay attention closely now: India! Nightsoil men! Composting! The tragedy here is that people in Urinetown have been throwing away valuable commodities like shit and pee so long that when their preferred carrier (clean water) is in short supply, they can't bring themselves to do what they should have done all along: converted their wastes into valuable soil amendments.

I might let the short hairs go at this point, but I might twist and continue:

I had _hoped_ that Peak Oil would save our climate. That we would be forced to conserve and be Smarter about our use of energy. But in fact, you folk are so Amazingly Aggressively Stupid that it's going to be the other way around. What we have to do to preserve our climate is going to reduce and eventually remove our dependency on fossil fuels, long before they run out.

Then a good kick, and off I could go, relieved of a large stock of pent-up aggression and rage, leaving me feeling all content and pacific.

Lovely little fantasy there.
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