walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: cycling around the neighborhood

Lately, T. and I have been going down Tuttle to play in the street. Specifically, the half-circle driveway of #12, which is for sale. Today, there was a big party across the street in #11. Lots of cars. Kinda of a concern. In any event, we eventually headed up the hill on Tuttle (away from Prospect) and this time, T. just kept on going over the crest. We turned onto Lothrop, and eventually onto Spencer which brought us all the way around the loop to Prospect and home. Of course, we didn't manage this -- either of the _two_ times around the loop -- without vehicular interruption, but T. was good about stopping so it worked out. On the flat, T. can get up to about 6 mph. On the downhills, he's peaking at around 12 mph.

This is actually a little frightening, because the pavement isn't exactly perfect, and he was wearing shorts. But he did not so much as wobble at any point.

He isn't even 4 yet.

All this on a Kettler balance bike, with me on the Bianchi. I still don't have my Townie yet. The Bobike Maxi was missing a clamp so Belmont Wheelworks and CleverCycles are hopefully figuring it out between the two of them and all I'll have to do is turn over (more) money at some point.

I tried to convince T. to go to Roche Bros. (local supermarket) today to buy some chocolate milk which we were out of. No go. He wanted to go on his bike, and I wasn't prepared to let him do that.
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