walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Dead and Gone_, Charlaine Harris, a Sookie Stackhouse novel

There's never an end to trouble for Sookie, and this outing is no different. Sookie, like the protagonists of other series I am many books into, is showing refreshing signs of growing up. She actually calls people, asks for help, calls in chits. Etc. It's nice.

Unfortunately for the likelihood of her continuing to do this, people then die. But then, around Sookie, that's kinda what people do. The fairy are at war, over whether or not the fairy will continue to have contact with humans. Unsurprisingly (if the series is to continue), Sookie's relatives (well, most of her relatives) win. Interestingly, once they win, they decide to do what the other side wanted (cease human involvement). Not because of concern for the fae -- out of concern for the humans (and other supernaturals). Which is good, because fairy wars are damn lethal in this universe.

Other excitement includes: the weres Come Out Publicly. Crystal is murdered and crucified. Quinn behaves badly. Bill behaves quite gentlemanly. Eric and Sookie get it on. Lots of fun.

Will I read more? Definitely. Got to find out whether the FBI continue to attempt to recruit Sookie, right?
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