walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities include: child care not feeling well

A. and I went to pick up T. at 3:30. We stopped at the McD's in South Nashua where there is a PlaySpace. After buying T. the obligatory fries and chocolate milk (I helped him with the fries), we gave him a shot at climbing around. He only was willing to do a little. Possibly because he needed to go to the bathroom. Maybe next time. A little bit of a meltdown over having to strap into his seat in the van. I told him since he'd already had fries and chocolate milk, there really was only the crying left to do and belted him in. He stopped crying pretty quickly. R. took him swimming when he got home from work (which is where they are now).

It would be nice to know if that constituted a fun outing (the playspace -- I know the pool is fun for him) or not.
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