walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

why I'm glad the Zigo Leader slipped its schedule

Back when T. was very small, and I was lusting after moederfietsen and bakfietsen, I couldn't find any in the US. Apparently, in the interim, Portland, OR has gone absolutely nuts.

Check out this blog for serious linkage and name dropping:


If you just want to go all cargo and kid transport lusty (I'm sure you already know about the Xtracycle cult), check out Madsen (the bucket bike! I wants one), Metrofiets (ooooooh, I waaaaants one. . . but R. has a lot of reservations about load-in-front), Joe Bike (ditto, less cool -- and a lot less money).

The Veltop is also on my wish list. Yummy.

ETA: Earlier today I called Belmont Wheelworks and ordered a Townie 8 to go with my Bobikes Mini and Maxi which should be arriving this week from CleverCycles (more Portlanders). I'll have my very own mother's bike!

After seeing Totcycle dad's post about ripping apart an old hard tail and tricking it out for around town use, R. and I took a hard look at his old mountain bike. Unfortunately, he is convinced that we can't put an internal hub on it. And I know from past experience that if it has a derailleur, I won't get on it. Speaking of which, I've got e-mail out to Madsen to find out if they'll put a Shimano Nexus on it.
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