walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Mostly over it

But of course now child care has it, which is unfortunate. Teddy is getting better, as is R. Child care left two
hours early yesterday and called in that he wouldn't be here today (which was no surprise at all). However,
he was supposed to call today regarding tomorrow, and has not, which leaves me wondering if I get to go
to martial arts tomorrow or not. Guess I'll find out around 1ish.

I've been packing up the books, partly to keep them away from Teddy, and partly to mail them
back east before we move in September. This is somewhat time consuming.

In child news, he has two teeth (front, lower) that have broken through. We had a few
go rounds at around 4 months about gnawing on me, so he isn't doing that. Yay!
Hope that lasts.

However, I'm hearing him cough, which is usually what starts waking him up.
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