walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

cycling with the tot

I've been taking T. out lately, on the Bianchi with the Bike Tutor. As we've been wandering further afield (today, to the main post office, about 2.5 miles along some pretty busy roads), I've been wondering a bit about how much trouble we might be about to get into with The Law. Specifically, we've been riding more or less exclusively on sidewalks (except the very, very, very empty roads in the subdivision behind us). I dismount for some but not all crosswalks. In the course of attempting to figure out whether this was likely to get me into trouble, I stumbled across this:


Obviously, not directly relevant to me. But I don't think NY envisioned a 3 year old on a bicycle. And they _clearly_ don't approve of our latest experimental purchase, the Trail-a-gator. It attaches a kids bike to an adult bike, in violation of the no attaching bike to vehicle rule.


The Bobike Mini and Maxi are on their way. I'm going to attempt to get Belmont Wheelworks to sell me an Electra Townie sometime soon (and 8, I think). I want to be able to put my feet down.

Today, I took T. down Tuttle (one of the side streets), with him on his balance bike and me on the Bianchi. The major problem here is getting him off to the side of the street and stopped when the occasional car comes through. There's no real risk -- no way in hell will they miss seeing the two of us together and they are very patient and good-natured about stopping and waiting, and no one is traveling that fast to begin with. But he isn't responding to "side of the road" very promptly. We'll need to work on that. It's fun tho. It reminds me of being older than him but pre-pubescent, riding a Schwinn up and down our dead end and riding around in circles with my sisters and the neighbor kids. Here I am doing it again, a _lot_ older. Which has been a huge motivator to actually decide to buy the Townie. I wish there were some way to put a kids seat or seats on more aggressively crank forward design, but I don't think anyone else has tried it and I'm not that excited about being _that_ early an adopter.
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