walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

googling pedestrian accidents

First, I just want to note that it's amazing to me that there just don't seem to be any pedestrian accidents that don't involve cars.

Second, a lot of the reports of ped accidents are on attorney blogs. Ambulance chasing at its finest.

Third, the analysis kinda sucks.


"Since mid-February, at least five (5) teenagers have been hit by trucks or cars while walking along Snohomish County roads."

After listing off a bunch of reasons why this might be happening, that in no way (except the daylight savings to not daylight savings time change) would apply more in the time frame in question than any other time period, there is _NOT ONE_ mention of what else might be going on: teenagers want to go out and about; the weather newly admits of doing so on foot; they can't drive because their families are too broke to afford a car/insurance/gas for them.
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