walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities included: horses (and dogs)

I went down to Breezy Hill Farm today in Holliston, a place that does therapeutic riding and does not have a multi year wait list. I got to observe a few minutes of a lesson with a kid on the spectrum who is older than T. but still pre-pubescent. Very small operation, definite a family-run kind of place, but the horses are mellow and (to untrained eyes at least) seem content and healthy. The barn smells about like I think it should (no mildew smell, and the hay smell predominating). Lots of dogs ambling around -- very well-behaved, friendly dogs who come up to greet visitors in an extremely low-key way. They smelled my hand, let me pet them and sniffed A.'s foot (she was in the sling) but at no point did any of them jump on me, altho the collie definitely jumped up on the woman I was walking around with.

Very pleasant. Turns out the man of the farm has family from Friesland. Hoodathunk?
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