walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

flu? don't travel to, say, Chicago?

I'm at a loss. Normally, I can blame this kind of foolishness on Murricans of the Republican persuasion and sheeplike idiots, but apparently, a few kids display flu-like symptoms at a prep school (in South Carolina!) and everyone takes leave of their senses. The EU is telling people not to travel unnecessarily to the US (including, say, Chicago) -- because, after all, staying home in Britain or Spain is somehow a better place to (not likely, really) catch some hypothetical flu.

I feel bad for the dead folk in Mexico City and I hope they get things under control quickly. But please, people.

Calm down.

Worry about something useful. Like, say, I dunno, getting hit by a car.

ETA: Initial survey of coverage suggests that people selling elderberry extract are going to make a (er) mint, and restaurants (as if the down economy hasn't been bad enough) will suffer.

Oh, and I bet the surgical mask suppliers run low in a matter of days.

ETAYA: The CDC's advice is good.


And if you, by some chance, happened to lay hands on a stock of antivirals, do not take them prophylactically. If you do, you will be punished. Those suckers have some side effects.

ETAOLT: For anyone who would like to point out the (I've found one) case of high fever (104.6) associated with the NYC outbreak: 'cause that's _so freaking rare_ in the US from a variety of causes. Why is it scarier when you call it swine flu?
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