walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Turn Coat_, Jim Butcher, kindle edition, #11 in an ongoing series

Lo and behold, Harry is beginning to grow up. He's telling people stuff (well, okay, after the werewolf blackmailed him, after another werewolf died). He's planning multiple routes to success -- and using non-magic means! With non-magic people!

In this outing, someone has framed Morgan (of all people) for the murder of another Senior Council member (as in, standing over the body with the weapon). Morgan has run from captivity when he realizes the extent of the frame (lots of money deposited in an account with his name on it). Where does he run to? Well, who? Harry! Of course! Who hates his guts but is well-known for his principles and who _really_ grasps how annoying it is to be chased for something one did not do.

The big bad nasty this time is a naagloshii (ooh! don't say the word! it gives the skinwalkers power!) and Shagnasty is a Big Bad Nasty. We learn that Morgan successfully killed one long ago. By luring it onto a nuclear weapons testing site. Nice. Morgan has Mad Skillz when it comes to offing the Big Bad. Yet a few wizards (okay, all of them, and a bounty) have him dying on the run.

Thomas helps out, and takes some major damage. We go back to the island off Chicago, which turns out to be a new arc in the Dresden universe, its genius loci allied to Dresden and apparently carrying a grudge against The Gatekeeper, of all people. The romance between Anastasia and Harry takes a turn.

As soon as the Little, Sneaky Bad made an appearance, I had his number. That was really the downer of this book -- huge, whack you over the head with the solution to the mystery.

But Harry! Doing the grown-up thing! Very nice. I'll read more.
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