walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sunday: What _Have_ We Been Doing?

R. swapped Friday off for Tuesday off, because of the previously noted tooth problems on the part of child care. That explains part of it.

Our other renter moved in on Saturday, which was apparently an exciting day for child care and T.

Saturday was hot -- mid 80s. So we had the excitement of turning the A/C on. At the thermostat. Then R. turned the circuit breakers on to supply power to the compressor (only the fan came on initially). He then thought he could hear the compressor running; I couldn't. He went outside to confirm, and discovered that they were still on the power-off-for-maintenance mode. When he corrected that, we could _definitely_ hear the compressor. Wow. Noisy, even through the wall. It did, at least, work. I woke up after midnight, when the A/C had quit running (and thus the blower quit running) because the upstairs had reached target temp. But it was way hot sleeping with A., so I got up, turned the A/C back off and re-opened windows to get a little breeze. Of course, a little while later, I had to change A. and then there was the disagreement about whether it was time to wake up or not, and whether the sheet constituted a toy. I gave up on the sheet and put a pair of thin pants on her and we finally got back to sleep, to be awakened a few hours later when T. came running into the room (this is how we often wake up).

This morning, I made a coffee cake, which because I added frozen blueberries and canned peaches to the recipe, and cooked it in a smaller diameter, taller dish, is taking for-freaking-ever to cook. I ate a banana and a small apple waiting for it since R. beat me to the waffle that T. declined to eat.

Yesterday we tried the Groton Shaw's, which has an amazing freezer section (lots of frozen dessert products, dairy and otherwise), a weak produce section and a surprisingly high level of background noise.

Yesterday, R. also felt really sick all day -- flu-like symptoms. He says he is much better today.

I'll post a review of the latest Dresden in a moment.
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