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I felt so energized by the whole Westford club phone conversation I decided I'd actually start the get-T.-on-a-pony process, aka, hippotherapy. I wanted to do this before we had an official dx; R. was leery. He thought T. was a bit young, and there is the whole high energy/escape artist/limited language issue. We knew we'd need someone who was prepared to deal with someone like T. The nice thing about hippotherapy is, these people are so prepared for our issues that we're basically the easy people. The down side about hippotherapy are the cost and the length of the waitlist.

B. had taken lessons from someone in Temple, NH as a kid and wanted to take T. there. Turns out B., in her brilliance, had actually found a program with a NARHA certification. If B. can make that work, yay. Otherwise (or possibly in addition to), we'll be more interested in something a little closer (which is to say, less than an hour each way). I started with a list of 4 places, plus one addition, from the Acton Preschool folk. Two of the five programs appear to no longer exist. One of the programs has a 1-5 year waitlist. I left messages (email, voicemail) at the rest, and used NARHA's website to track down some other ones in the area to leave messages at.

You can really tell you are in Massachusetts when you realize there's one place offering equine assisted psychotherapy, and a second place is working on adding that service.

ETA: I'll be touring the can-start-immediately place a week from Monday.
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