walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

holy procrastination! good things come to those who delay

I come from the greater Seattle area. I am accustomed to having a wide selection of facilities -- like indoor swimming pools -- available to me year round. While I realize some people are totally grossed out by public swimming pools, they are really the one thing I think the Romans Got Right (yes, I recognize swimming != bathing. Whatever.). In the course of my travels, I came to realize that while you can usually find a public library that will at least let you read their books on the premises, you cannot always find a public swimming pool. And hotel swimming pools are generally lame -- definitely not built for swimming and often poorly maintained (which is to say, the wrong amount of chemicals). Specifically, while property taxes in New England are high, one thing they do not pay for is swimming pools. After going to the Nashua/Merrimack Y while single, I eventually gave up on the long drive and ponied up for Hampshire Hills, fearing I would not like my fellow clubbers. In practice, however, the folk at Hampshire Hills are really just the same as you might find at a public pool in Shoreline WA, or the north end of Seattle (which is to say, very white, but otherwise economically diverse). My kid has a good time there, swimming with R.

Moving to Acton meant finding another facility (because it's a bit of a haul back to Hampshire Hills). I initially thought yay! Thoreau Club. But apparently, only the one pool, with a bubble over it in the winter and not in the summer. Lame. R. suggested the Westford Regency, but hotel pools. Hmmm. Thus, I stalled. And today, I got junk mail from the Westford Racquet and Fitness Club. Which has a real indoor pool and, down the road a bit during the summer, a bunch of outdoor pools. Holy moly! Procrastination pays off! RHI it'll cost us less than Hampshire Hills, too. That would be cool.

I await a tour on Monday.
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