walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities: an abcess, paperwork, bicycle, decorating kids' rooms

Fortunately, not for anyone in the immediate family. But child care called in sick today, so R. swapped his day off from next Friday to today while child care went to the dentist. Hopefully she will feel better tomorrow, or this will not only be expensive but really, really, really distressing. The prospect of having both kids all day long is somewhat appalling and would definitely be breaking new ground.

I dropped the consent letter off at the preschool today and picked up the summer schedule so I'd know when the off-weeks were (like this week, but admin folk were in anyway) for planning purposes.

Attempts to get the van in for insurance photographs continue to fail; this time due to rain, which will continue for the forseeable future. *sigh* We're going to drop off what we have at AAA tomorrow and make sure we don't have some evil lapse of coverage.

T. was distressed because R. said he couldn't play outside while it was raining (largely because he wasn't inclined to provide supervision in the rain -- can't blame him for that). I took T. to the Target in Leominster in search of a bicycle and bought one with 16" wheels. In a way, a big mistake; he's not tall enough for it. OTOH, since he can't put his feet on the ground, he's forced to use the pedals. It has training wheels, so I'm doing hands-over-foot prompting to teach him how to use pedals, something he used to scream at me for doing on the tricycle but is now tolerating on the bike. I did this in part because _every single ride-on toy we own_ is now over at the old house in Brookline, which is where child care now lives. *sigh* Of course, every single one made sense as they went over; the bike was supposed to always come back. But it spent the night the one time we had a morning cancellation. Murphy, right?

In the meantime, I ordered a Kettler 12" bicycle with pedals through Amazon; it should show up in a couple of days, now that I've updated my shipping address. Child care will also have to bring over a bunch of boxes that I mistakenly had sent to the old house. Whoops! Mostly the Lambs & Ivy decorative crap for A.

Also at Target today, we bought some more bedding for T., and a rug. His room is looking really cool. Once the decorative stuff arrives and the kids both have hampers and so on, they'll be done until the beds arrive (a platform for A.; bunk beds for T.).
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