walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

other recent activities: home visit, glass enclosure. . .

Wednesday was home visit day, also, A.'s scratch-and-dent Maine Cottage mirror and dresser were delivered. They are a lovely green (pear), so last night I bought a bunch of Lambs & Ivy Enchanted Forest nursery decorative crap -- NOT the crib bedding, but nearly everything else. I was looking for the hamper and got distracted apparently. I'm not sure I should have bought the lamp, since today we stopped in a lighting store in Nashua (I was at the dentist and R. took A. over to shop for lighting and a medicine cabinet from the bath store next door) and bought a snail lamp and a turtle lamp by Quoizel. I also ordered T. a storage bench and a hamper. His blackout drapes (dark blue) are up. A.'s (green, are you surprised?) are awaiting rod installation which should have happened today but J. cancelled. Home visit went well. T. liked S. and S. seemed to like T. and I liked S. so yay all good. Paperwork showed up for consent to eval which I'll need to get back to them on Monday.

On Thursday, the glass guy showed up to measure the shower stall in the master. There was a way-too-much-happening moment at the beginning when R. was leaving (and partly driving over the cornpopper toy which surprisingly survived with only a small tire mark), B. was arriving, the glass guy was arriving, T. was riding a ride-on toy in the driveway and I was drinking coffee and chatting with the neighbor J. (also drinking coffee) over by the mailbox while keeping an eye on A. in the stroller.

It's exciting here in Acton.

I really like our neighbors, especially J.
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