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what do you mean it's Friday? Also, annoying sales clerk at the Pheasant Lane Stride Rite

Today was R.'s license and registration for the van. Yesterday was my license and registration for the Fit. I went with A. on Thursday and didn't have the signatures I needed to do the van without him. In other activities today, we bought A. and T. clothes at Target, and T. shoes at Stride Rite. For reasons I am at a complete loss to explain, _every single time_ I try to buy T. shoes, the sales person works very hard to try to get me not to buy what I'm trying to buy. Usually (including today), they try to convince me I'm buying the wrong size. Since T. is not there (and, honestly, the idea of bringing him to a shoe store and fitting him there makes me shudder; we haven't tried it in a couple years and I doubt it'd be any better now than it was then), and because the young women who work in children's shoe stores are invariably, well, young women, they are idiots who think they know better than I do.

I should note that when I impulse bought T. a pair of shoes at Woolly Mammoth in Seattle, the young woman did nothing at all to stop me from buying him a pair of shoes. She was awesome. I miss shopping there. Go buy shoes from them and think of me when you do. Maybe some Naots. Very comfortable shoes, Naot makes.

Anyway. I was already in a bit of a mood on the subject of shoes, because _I knew_ I wanted 9.5 W for T. He's worn out his current pair of 9.5 W and his older pair of 8.5 W (which, I might add, still fits) and his older pair of 8.5 W sandals (which is honestly pretty close to the edge). I figure buying 1 full size up is about right. She's trying to talk me into a 10, particularly for a pair of water sandals. Since T. already trips over his too-long shoes, adding water to the mix sounds like a bad disaster and I decline. In the event, they didn't have the Bondis in a 9, so I will have to get those elsewhere. But I swear I had to tell her at least three times, no, really, there's more than a thumb length left past his toes. I only buy them this big because he has wide feet with a high arch. Blah blah bleeping blah. Sell me the fucking shoes already, okay?

It's like she didn't want my hundred and some odd dollars worth of sales. After all, I was buying 2 pair of sneakers and 1 sandals and I think they were mostly full price.

So if you know what you want, and are trying to decide whether to pay the $8-9 shipping on some Stride Rites for your young'un, and there isn't a Nordstroms handy, seriously think about paying the shipping. Not having to deal with this crap has to be worth something, right? I would suggest going to, say, Foot Locker and buying the New Balance Sesame Street sneaks for your kids, but honestly, the build quality on those just isn't what it should be.
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