walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

I Only Blog When Life Is Boring

That's probably about what one should expect and, really, the way it should be. It does, however, result in an accounting of my life that is missing all the really exciting bits. Here are some highlights from the missing days:

A. loves food. Cheerios. Crackers (held carefully until she has chewed them enough). Pureed carrots, peas, sweet potatos. Whole milk vanilla yogurt. Assorted ice creams, real and otherwise. She wants to feed herself and to some degree can (she'll grab the spoon and shove it in her mouth). For a few days, even T. was eating a lot of food -- maybe a growth spurt.

I Do Not Love Sun. With no drapes or blinds up, I got totally wound up and broke down. Repeatedly. Some towels and nailed up sheets later, I'm doing Much Better.

A. is able to scoot several feet (attempted army crawl, but going backwards only, and very belly on the ground). She scooted right off the mattress. Fortunately, it was already on the floor. Still, she was pissed.

A. got another shot today.

The kitchen is almost entirely unpacked, as are the contents of closets and dressers. The books and other media haven't been touched, and toys are about half and half. The new duet pair is working fine. We love the Amana french door fridge. We love the kitchen, including the fridge off to the side, where it creates a mini-prep area with the microwave and toaster oven.

On Friday, someone is going to come over (who _we_ hired, and who has done work for us at the previous house) and install drapery rods, towel racks, and fix things like, oh, the can light buried by the rockers. Geez.

T. and R. and I have established a new pattern for T. to run since our driveway is short. He's allowed to ride down the sidewalk to the neighbors and into their driveway (we have permission) and back. It's kind of fun watching about half the cars completely blow past, and the other half slow almost to a complete stop. He is staying on the sidewalk -- no exceptions, he doesn't even get close to the edge. But some of those drivers are _really_ concerned, and hopefully the rest aren't, say, on cell phones and completely oblivious. I stand out there and wave at the ones who slow to what I consider a reasonable pace and I don't let him out there when there's continuous flow in both lanes (no one can evade in that situation).

ETA: She has two teeth coming in, the middle front on the bottom.
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