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_Acheron_, Sherrilyn Kenyon

Got it from the library, this is the long awaited what-IS-it-with-Artemis-and-Acheron novel. I knew going into it that the first 400 (which is to say, 428) pages of it would be Acheron being tortured mercilessly and unable to do much to improve his situation. I expected the second half to be a fairly typical Dark-Hunter novel, which is to say, tortured guy (in this case, Acheron) finds love and it fixes all. In a typical Dark-Hunter novel, Acheron is an important secondary character, also being tortured but without his true love to Fix All. This is atypical in that he finally gets his moment and his girl. And she only has to die twice!

Woo fucking hoo.

You'll notice I did not purchase this hardcover, softcover, used or for the kindle. No way am I ever slogging through the first half ever again, and while the second half was okay (and an arc advancing contribution to the universe), I will pause a long time before I read any more Kenyon novels. Which is fine. I've already passed along my paper copies through a swap site.

Tory/Soteria is unusually well prepared for Acheron, despite being a virgin. Her grandfather was already friends with Ash since Ash saved him as a young'un. And once in her youth, Simi was assigned the task of entertaining her while Ash again saved Grandpa. Soteria's family was obsessed with finding Atlantis since Theo heard Ash's stories about Atlantis on the boat trip to America. Tory was roommates with Katra. And, about that Simi babysitting gig when Tory was prepubescent? Tory imprinted on Acheron and became so goth-obsessed her two best friends adopted it as a style. Creepy, a bit? Better yet: after Ash's mum realized Geary was meant for another (one of the books I didn't read), she decided to keep Troy PURE for Ash. Oy, oy, oy.

I'm mildly curious what Nick and Artemis will get up to together, but not particularly worried. After all, Nick's moral universe is still reasonably aligned (he killed Satara in this outing) and I'm sure he and Ash will get back together. Er, in a friends kind of way.

For me, I'm done with the if-I-don't-keep-my-word-I'll-die universe. Moving on.
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