walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

recent activities include: washer and dryer arrived and hooked up, sad news

We like them, altho it is a little noisy having a 2nd floor laundry. Also, less convenient than I expected, mostly because of all the laundry generated on the first floor (diaper pail, towels, etc.). I'm sure I will grow to love it in every way. They work just fine; I got a bunch of laundry done today. R. then stopped at the Costco and bought us a bunch of new towels. If only I can convince him to retire some of the old ones.

We did a little rearranging to help visualize where we want furniture to land (it arrives on Thursday). We Have a Plan. This is a good thing.

I got a sad letter in the mail today from the Netherlands. J.K. passed away on the 2nd and his service was today, cremation tomorrow. Clearly, the family did everything in their power to get the information to me in time to attend, should I be able to do so. That was extremely considerate of them. His passing is not a surprise, as he was in his 80s and had some health problems. And I only spent a few days over two visits getting to know him. Yet I felt a strong connection to him and I miss him, even more now that I will not have the opportunity to visit with him again.
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