walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A. Likes Food, small flatware makes a difference

I had not thought T. was picky until he was older, but apparently he was picky and I thought that was normal. A. seems to be perfectly happy to eat just about anything (altho she did object to peaches onces, that was while she had an ear infection). Today, C. was apologetic that she couldn't get A. to eat a whole jar of carrots. We were like, you got her to eat most of that jar? Wow. We hadn't tried carrots until today.

I bought jr flatware a while back for T., but at that point he was adamant about using what we used. But he hasn't ever been particularly skillful, possibly aggravated by R.'s tendency to do anything for anybody that they seem slow or awkward about. I tried getting out the jr spoon, and T. was much more able to maneuver that around. I still wound up feeding him a waffle this morning, but that was because I wanted him to eat the waffle, and he wanted to spoon spread out of the container and into his mouth. He was willing to take bites offered, tho, so we each got what we wanted.
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