walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

House Update: the new one we live in

This will be detailed and somewhat complain-y, assuming A. continues her nap upstairs.

The garage doors have no easy way to switch the openers off. This is a bummer, in terms of T. loving to play in the van which has built-in opener buttons. We can lock him out of the cars, but that is a lot less fun in play terms. R. has some strategy for solving this; I'm unclear on just what he did.

In addition to missing a trim piece, the gas fireplace does not have a blower motor. On the good side, it'll work with or without electricity. On the bad side, basically decorative -- doesn't produce meaningful heat. I'm thinking I want the blower motor.

R. has already had to modify the Amana french door fridge (stainless steel "look", which means some non-ferrous metal presumably aluminum. Magnets don't work! Sucks!) because the adjustable shelving had more than one hole on one vertical than it did on the other side. Lame.

The disposal is finally wired up and functioning. That's a good thing. The builders used decent hardware on the drawers in the island. But they used absolutely crap hardware on the tray slides in the lower wall cabinets. We'll have to replace those, and probably the trays too because those are particle board and they smell horrible. Also, the lazy susan hardware in the corner is weak.

There's some spark detector feature to the wiring in this house. The idea is that if someone fiddles with something in a way that triggers sparking, the circuit is supposed to flip. In practice, sometimes an unrelated (unrelated in any obvious way, anyway) breaker flips. Specifically, the basement, which is also what the smoke detectors are wired into. Brilliant. Fortunately, the detectors have battery backup.

The downstairs windows that are low to the floor and high above the ground have childproofing built in. _That's_ good. Kids falling out of windows is an ancient and deadly hazard.

The compact fluorescent can lights are giving me headaches. Hopefully, when the place has finished outgasing and we've got enough furniture in here that the echo is cut down, it won't feel quite as bad (the stressors are, for me, definitely cumulative). I'm not sure what we're going to do otherwise, other than put in floor lamps and leave the overheads off. Which is fine by me; I did that at the condo, too.

The anti-scald feature on the shower seems to have the effect of making it impossible to get a really good hot shower. I haven't decided whether this is a good or bad thing. As long as we have kids, I'll probably leave it alone, at least in the 2nd bathroom upstairs. I may have R. remove it in the master.

We still need the builders to do the radon remediation and to replace the window in the garage that has a ding in it. We'll also need to do something about the drainage in front of the garage (probably install a gutter). This house is crazy dry; I'm trying to remember if we had a humidifier installed. If we didn't, we _definitely_ need to do that. I'm less sure about a generator. R. is talking about setting up a subpanel and a generator just for that that is installed under the deck, rather than setting up a whole-house generator like we had in NH. The claim is that power outages longer than an hour or so just don't happen around here. I _might_ believe that; I'm not sure.

Washer and dryer show up on Monday. Our stuff catches up with us Thursday. FiOS is installed on Friday.
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