walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

recent activities include: moving!

We are now in Massachusetts. Big excitement. More exciting when the rest of our stuff catches up with us. C. is visiting and that is helpful, and we have enough mattresses to be comfortable. Also seating. Seating is important. We had takeout from Benjarong last night. Yum.

This is being posted using my new Acer Aspire One (red), which I love much more than I ever loved my Asus EEE (altho, to be fair, the Asus has apparently improved over several versions). Connected, inevitably, via the centro/verizon. My daughter is sucking her thumb, thus giving me some few moments to blog after having spent a godawful amount of time struggling with updates for windows and macafee. I _thought_ these all were done yesterday, but no, it is an iterative process. I do not love Microsoft altho I may love Macafee even less.

Also, I _love_ my new tub.

R. picked up mail, which means we now get to deal with our auto insurance having been revoked because we haven't moved our registration to MA, yet. This is okay, because we still have our NH coverage and we have a few days to reinstate stuff. I think. If it is not okay, we will just restart the process, altho I seem to recall having written these people a check already for part of the policy. If they try to avoid giving it back and don't reinstate, I will be cranky.

We also got a Very Large Water Bill (like, $500), but that was the responsibility of the builders and further, they had actually already paid it. I feel for the poor person whose GMAC credit card statement got lost in our hold mail request; I put it in the mailbox to be redelivered (hopefully correctly this time). That sucks, especially if it results in late charges for them.

My baby is falling asleep in the high chair. Off to bed with us.
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