walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities: clinic clusterf***, hyperactivity and grocery shopping

A couple days ago, R. got a robocall from the clinic saying he had an appointment this morning. This was news to him and after hours. He called the afterhours people who told him it was not in Milford, but in Nashua. He assumed (reasonably) it was a followup to an appointment he had a while ago and the medication he was taking as a result. Turns out that assumption was wrong, and the appointment was in Milford after all. He got a later-the-same-day in Milford and came home, calling me to tell me it was a followup for some bloodwork no one told him he needed to have done. The blood test had to be done fasting -- I assumed it was a blood sugar thing. Also a wrong assumption. But he hadn't eaten so I got Milford to agree to have him do the test today before his appointment. Off he went again.

Here's what _really_ happened.

Somewhere along the line, some poor sap who is suffering from chronic pain was supposed to go get some liver function (fasting blood test) check done, and then go to a followup appointment on that. _That_ is what landed in in R.'s chart. R. wanted the appointment anyway, because there's a worrisome thing above his eyebrow (a mole gone awry in that way that just screams out for removal) that he needed a referral to a dermatologist for. Which he got. Who knows what they'll do with the blood. I figure they might as well check his blood sugar (and anything else they want to, like, say, cholesterol). After all, he hadn't eaten.

I'm seriously wondering if A. has the same hyperactivity that T. does. It's possible I'm just exhausted and she's feeling less sick and the combination is a bad one. But then again, I didn't think T. was hyperactive in a clinical sense until someone else pointed that out. They're right -- he's very active even for a 3.5 yr old.

I used overlapping childcare to go grocery shopping. It is frightening how much like a party it feels to go grocery shopping without being pregnant or having to monitor one or more children. Single folks out there doing this chore? You should really enjoy this. For me, if for no one else.

I've been waffling on ordering a netbook to replace the Asus EEE that frustrated R. so badly we regifted it to M. (who apparently really likes it, and whose mother K. is able to keep it up to date on OS security patches). On the one hand, it'd be nice for travel. OTOH, I don't travel. On the one foot, my laptop no longer has EVDO connectivity since I switched from the card to the Centro (this makes me unbelievably cranky at Verizon, but given that you can't legally tether an iPhone at all, I suppose I can't expect much sympathy).

The the final shoe is that we're moving to Acton on Friday (probably) and our stuff will catch up to us the following Thursday and we won't have FiOS (wait to be jealous AFTER we find out if that shit actually works the way it is supposed to) until the day after that. The prospect of that long with my only internet access being my phone alone or my phone hooked up to R.'s computer makes me anxious.

So I've ordered an Acer. I tried the keyboard out at Staples a little while ago and it seemed really comfortable. The HP wasn't appreciably better (and the HP is more money). We'll see how this goes. I kept the Apricorn outboard combo drive (altho I should _find_ it before we move), which implies I can also use this to watch DVDs, not that I care since we'll have a small TV and DVD player hooked up down there anyway. Because goddess forbid I actually sit around and go into media withdrawal. I might clean or something.
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