walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities: Mass. income taxes, signing up with WM

More or less self-explanatory. R. is employed in Massachusetts so we have to file income taxes there as well as in NH. Didn't think there were income taxes in NH? Yeah, that's what everyone thinks. Who doesn't have to pay them.

Everything seems to be filled out now and awaits a final check (review and money), printing, filing, saving, blah, blah, bleeping, blah.

Acton does not have curbside trash/recycle pickup (any more than our current town does). However, for reasons best known to R., it is finally worth while to pay to have someone do this task for us. I suspect because he has paid for private hauling in Acton when he lived there before, but possibly because it's not expensive there and it is here. *shrug* I requested a quote online and got a call back today. The wonders of credit cards. Altho wtf we're going to do with a 96 gallon "toter" is beyond me. Not fill it, that's for damn sure. I suspect the recycle bin is tiny and open to the elements, because the woman on the phone claimed they are about to change that in another month or two.

I'm debating the merits of attempting to run errands with A. She has turned into the Grabbing Goblin and is thus not nearly as much fun to wander around with. OTOH, she grabs just as much at home, too. It is also very tempting to go down to the new house, see if she'll take her second nap there and let me soak in the tub. _That_ would be awesome. Also very unlikely.
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