walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Today's Activities: lunch, feeding the baby applesauce, bathing with toddler, moving stuff

Today's activities included loading up a bunch of crap into our minivan, driving to Westford for lunch at Applebee's, then to the house in Acton to unload said crap, dust, attempt to install towel racks and so forth.

The lunch was interesting. Normally, A. is a great lunch partner, but lately, she will not fucking leave my food alone. It is driving me absolutely bananas. As a result of the nearly hour long struggle, I decided that when we returned to our home in NH and I sat down for dinner, it was time to try to feed A. some real food. Over the last few weeks, we've attempted things like Gerber or some organic brand applesauce, bananas, etc. Previously, her tongue kept pushing the food out instead of swallowing it. Whether it was the recent dropper deliveries of Tylenol and antibiotics, or practice with the spoon, or with age comes maturity, I do not know. But R. got an entire jar (very small, obviously) of applesauce in her. She was slowing down, but finished it all. And where previously what little did go all the way down had a tendency to get urped up (with breastmilk, later), this round has stayed down. Very exciting! Okay, to us it is exciting. Also, we now know to order her something when we go out (or bring jars with us) so she quits messing with our food. [ETA: It is not that I mind sharing. I like sharing. But she is way too young for salad.]

We had a couple large boxes of kitchen stuff from Seattle that had never gotten unpacked/got repacked when we moved back to NH when T. was a year old. R. brought those along and I unpacked them today so we would have dishes. We had been using Corelle instead of the marginally nicer Costco special; I figured it was about time to switch back. Also, this turned up some bar glasses, which was nice. I also brought some flatware from the house in NH, some canned goodies, etc. In good news, the refrigerator in Acton seems to work. Also, it is completely beautiful, a french door Amana.

We have this beautiful, triangular (not in a pointy way) jetted tub in the master suite. R. convinced T. to get in it to take a bath. I joined him, added water and let him turn on the jets. That was a little exciting. I also brought shampoo and conditioner and got his hair clean. This may not sound like a big deal, but it's actually hard enough to convince him to do that it tends to happen only when R. takes him to the pool. We really do need to work on making sure T. gets _out_ of the tub when he needs to use the potty. *sigh* T. and I used to take baths together a lot, but he/we got too big for the tub in NH (when I was pregnant, especially). It's nice to get to do this again.

Also, they freaking grouted along the tile by the edge of the tub on the wall. What idiot does _that_? R. will caulk it correctly. We harbor a suspicion that it is ordinary wallboard in that bathroom, too. And not mildew resistant paint.
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