walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

today's activities included: receiving a letter and acting upon it

Specifically, we got the promised letter from the pediatric neurologist. The next step was to identify who/what/where to contact to deliver the letter and line up the prescribed therapies. Fortunately, in Today's Wired World, the appropriate person and organization were (a) online and (b) answering e-mail on a Saturday. Having established that I'm in contact with the appropriate person, we're now negotiating when we meet.

R. and T. went down to Acton after buying a double futon mattress. R. set up the futon at the new house and then installed one or more toilet paper holder/towel rack/shower curtain rods. Meanwhile, I assembled a list of what we need to move to "camp" in the new house (some of which has already moved -- this would be the list of what _else_ we need, where need is defined as easy to move and very desirable).

I also found out how much transfer station stickers cost in Acton and e-mailed a request for a quote for curbside pickup from Waste Management. I'm still trying to figure out if I want to contact any other haulers for a competitive quote. I guess it'll depend on what WM says.

The fridge is looking mighty empty. I foresee grocery shopping tomorrow.
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