walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Things I've Learned from Women Who've Dumped Me_, ed Ben Karlin

I. picked this up at Willow Books, read it and left it for me since I'd expressed an interest. I was hoping for something along the lines of _Bastard on the Couch_. _Bastard_ was a companion to _Bitch in the House_, which was conceived by a woman writer who as a new mother noticed she was really, really, really angry at her husband a lot -- and so were all her friends who were new mothers (angry at _their_ husbands, that is). It was an amazing, entertaining and enlightening opportunity to hear several sides of the effects of a bomb going off in a relationship, that is to say, the arrival of a new baby, particularly the first one. Generally, by the second and later children, people have run out of time and energy to write and communicate, so you're just not going to get the details out of them.

_Things_ is not as clearly True Stories. Sure, some of them almost certainly are (pretty close to) the raw truth of a painful dumping told by the dumpee, including the Moral of the Tale. A lot of them are really humorous, unfortunately, the funny ones are less obviously detailed and/or believable. Expectably, we get (yet again), Dan Savage's story of how he learned he wasn't going to be able to live the closeted life he had planned. One of the not very funny but pretty believable entries is by a guy who says he's never been dumped (doesn't count the on-again-off-again mutual dumping of the high school girlfriend), but expects to be divorced some. Painful. That and another entry emphasize the importance of dumping to drill into a guy's head What Not to Do (and whose advice not to take). Odenkirk's 9 year relationship entry is chilling but hilarious in a thank-you-for-that-not-being-me way.

I got it free; I would have paid kindle or used for it. I'm not sure I would have paid new. Grab a copy from the library. It's a quick read, judging by how fast I. and I both got through it.
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