walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

A. visits the physician's assistant

We went in for a 6 months checkup even tho we are not "well". I sort of try to avoid canceling doctor's appointments on account of not feeling well enough to go. ;-) In the event, the standard let's-look-in-orifices routine turned up an ear infection, led to No Shot Today (Good Care! Yay!) and a prescription for antibiotics. I negotiated out of the proposed amoxicillin, and debated half-heartedly with myself about not giving her the zithromax (sp?) but ultimately decided to give it a try. I don't know that I believe in abx for breastfed babies who have an ear infection (especially with no fever), but I don't know that I _don't_ believe particularly strongly, either.

On the development front, she's apparently 77% for weight, 99% for height and head circumference. She weighs almost exactly half what T. does.

ETA: I know I have friends who read/post anonymously. Unfortunately, this post has already attracted an ad, so I'm now screening anonymous comments for this post; that's why it won't show up right away if you comment. Never fear -- if I know you, I'll let you say whatever you like. ;-)


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