walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

recent activities include: still more wiring problems

Okay, maybe a wiring problem isn't an activity.

Our delivery window on the fridge meant R. had to drive down to Acton leaving here around 7:15. T. was _not_ happy to get out of bed, but I sure was happy that R. took T. with him. I'm definitely sick and so is A. We're going to go to the 6 months "well baby" checkup, on the premise that they can tell us we're not so sick we need to see a doctor (heh), she's developing just fine and then we can discuss whether she's too sick for a shot. One, singular, shot. None of this overload crap.

The fridge arrived. R. hooked it up and it apparently works. Yay! That isn't the wiring problem. No, the wiring problem is that several outlets in the living room don't work. The electrician who did our house worries me: no doorbell (and the one we delivered to be installed is missing entirely), the garbage disposal isn't hooked up, when they put receptacle into the > 100 sq ft walk in closet (thus, a room), they ripped the wallboard and didn't fix it. And now this.

Here's hoping if the place burns down due to bad wiring, it does so _before_ we move in. *sigh* This is why we were shopping resale. When you do an inspection on a resale, you know what you're getting and you know you get to fix it. When you do an inspection on a new place not yet finished and they tell you they'll fix it before the close and there's a 1 year warranty for anything that isn't fixed by the close, you get to nibbled to death by, if not ducks, then electrical problems.
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