walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

overview of fusion research?

I looked at Charles Seife's book at Willow Books yesterday. I did not buy it, because it looked wrong to me. It had the wrong kind of reviewers saying the wrong kind of things, it didn't seem to cover the current laser thinger in any detail at all, and it seemed to be mostly focused on, gee, it hasn't worked so far, therefore, it won't work ever -- and there really has been progress towards breakeven and stability, so that doesn't strike me as anything other than the depressing nature of being in the low point in Seth Godin's _The Dip_. Stopping now seems dumb to me.

But I'm no physicist.

Reviews at amazon are a mixed bag that in their entirety confirm my suspicions. Which leaves me still interested in finding a good overview of the state-of-the-art of fusion research and projections for the future. I'll take online pointers, but I'd prefer something like what Seife did in terms of readability/history/journalism instead of being a very scientific how it works approach. Just with better analysis than what Seife (apparently) brought to the book.
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