walkitout (walkitout) wrote,


I am absolutely exhausted.

R. has taken a couple loads down to the new house as part of the "pre-move" to enable camping. Despite my constant don't-move-it-if-it-isn't-helpful-for-camping, he keeps moving more and more stuff. This is not okay, because either he leaves T. with me (exhausting) or we all go together. When we all go together, I don't get food at regular intervals, I have to help move stuff and I have to keep track of the kids in a much more dangerous environment (shorter driveway).

If I weren't so tired, I probably would have throttled someone today.

I did have fun. We went to Willow Books and I bought a bunch of great stuff including Macauley's _How We Work_ and the pop-up version of Carle's _The Very Hungry Caterpillar_, which is a lot more sinister after what I. told me she heard about Carle's childhood in WW2 Germany. And we eventually had a truly massive amount of food from You-You's. R. took T. for a ride in the van and both kids fell asleep very early. Which is a relief right now, but does not bode well for tomorrow morning.
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