walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Got a big chunk of the library I left behind today

I brought it to the apartment in a bunch of boxes to sort through and get rid of
a few, read a few, and start packing them up to ship east over the next few months.
Media rate rules.

I stumbled across _The Puritan Family_ by Edmund Morgan. Directly relevant
to the current writing project. I bought it at Half Price Books for ~$5 some years
ago and never got around to reading it.

I had intended to get the books tomorrow, but child care is feeling under
the weather and stay home tomorrow to recuperate before getting
worse (smart, smart, smart), so when Teddy went down for a nap I
headed over and packed up 8 boxes. I intended to leave most of them in the
car and bring them up tomorrow or maybe get R. to help, but instead, after I
got upstairs to a just-woken-up-and-hungry-kid, I found out R. was
calling as he was on Mercer Island and the sun had set and he was
still out on the bike. Hmmm. After finishing up with Teddy, I handed
him to child care and got the other 6 boxes upstairs in one go (roly
cart and staging in the elevator lobby), another call from R., he'd caught
a bus. *sigh* The good news is, I don't need to worry about getting
the car unloaded. The bad news was, I was so tired I was ready to cry.
Fortunately, there was good food in the fridge ready to eat. A big
serving of turkey under biscuit and several chocolate chip cookies
later, I felt much better.

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