walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

today's activities included: walking with A., filling out a form, watching an EDC post

Walking with A. is relatively straightforward, altho she really complained a lot and I had to pick her up for a few minutes. Not sure what that was about. She was plenty warm in the stroller bag. She may have been having trouble getting her thumb to her mouth.

I called the pediatric neurologist's office the other day because we were supposed to receive a new patient packet in the mail and had not. They resent it (what other mail am I missing that I _don't_ know I'm missing?). I wound up printing out part of my website (developmental milestones page for T.) and chunks of my blog (language posts about T.) to attach to the form. T.'s language development has been so odd that I just feel like I won't remember all the details and they won't believe me anyway, unless I have contemporaneous documentation. This is probably also good evidence that mama is Aspie, too, hunh?

I talked to my sister R. today. Her younger daughter has some of the same idiosyncratic language development going on: huge vocabulary, great receptive language, will repeat entire sentences/phrases she's heard other people say but won't use language to ask for things (other than single words). AND she recognizes all the letters from any orientation. It's not like this is incredibly common, and they are first cousins. Seems like there's just about got to be a heritable component.

K. sent me a link to an Everyday Carry post on a knitter's blog:


This is really pretty cool, since she doesn't smoke but carries a lighter because she feels quite strongly about the importance of always having the ability to make fire (in the survival sense, not the pyro sense!).

I think I'll post next, sort of an EDC post, but mostly a Carlin-style stuff rant. For reference, here's Carlin:

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