walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

boxes, little boxes, and they're all made out of cardboard...

And they all look just the same.

Er, wait. I really _am_ talking about boxes, not Malvina Reynolds song _Little Boxes_ and its indictment of the self-similar nature of California Housing in the Bay Area, the people who lived in that housing, their jobs, etc. you so do not care.

While we are hiring a mover, I am still packing the library, because (a) I love to play with books and this is the world's best excuse, (b) I'm weeding as I go, (c) I'm cataloging and adding location ids (basically, box ids) as I go.

I quit numbering boxes and switched to letters. I'm up to "L", and the catalog indicates that I have close to a 1000 books in boxes. Since I know there are boxes downstairs which are cataloged but have no location ids, there are more than that in boxes. Because I'm also now able to easily catalogue a bunch of stuff that previously wasn't findable in the list of sources then available (amazing the number of Dutch libraries LibraryThing is connected to), the total count on the library has gone up. I'm also cataloging T.'s stuff as I pack it, and R.'s, too, with their initials.
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