walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

and the streets will be paved with gold. Gold, I tell you, GOLD!


This is a truly beautiful article. You can almost see Beatrice leading our dear columnist by the hand, up to heaven from Purgatory.

Highlights from Heaven:

"If Apple can replicate its successful marriage of iPhone hardware with its software on other devices, it could easily quickly become a dominant force in portable hardware."

"I'm imagining a device with Apple's usual attention to slick, eye-catching industrial design; a device that's easy-to-use; a device that can be equal parts media player extraordinaire, productivity companion (yes, that would require Apple finally adding support for cut-and-paste), Web device, and game machine."

"In my imagination, this device will one-up the Amazon Kindle 2 by becoming the next true, connected device-- a device that has seamlessly integrated 3G connectivity."

"...or, you get a step-up plan that won't break the bank..."

Look, I get that we live in a world in which TV advertisements explain petaflops to people. And I'm sure you _could_ pave streets with gold, if the streets were short enough, narrow enough and there weren't very many of them, and by "pave" you meant "gold leaf" or something even thinner I don't know the name or technology for, but possibly involving a sprayed emulsion. And then you carefully made sure no one got too close to the streets, because they'd surely be sold to a pawn shop for whatever gold is worth tomorrow.

But honestly, this makes vaporware look worth pre-ordering.
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