walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_White Witch, Black Curse_, Kim Harrison

Well, several event-filled page-equivalents ago (kindle edition), I was more or less ready to give up on Harrison, the Hollows and Rachel Morgan.

Now, however, I am not so sure. The problems have in some ways gotten worse: still _more_ banshee attacks, still _more_ crazy-ass Rachel posturing. Etc. But some interesting things happened in the final showdown(s). Ford, for example, was a nice little rabbit to pull out of the hat that was which-banshee-mother-is-more-toxic. Gotta love Harrison for having an FIB officer (male) install a potty chair at HQ and bring the kid to work. Especially since there's _no one else at all_ who can hold that baby safely (unless you want to go _back_ to the which-banshee-mother-is-more-toxic dilemma).

Also, Jenks commenting about Rachel's aura coming off as easily as a banana skin.

Rachel's nutty behavior is also starting to cohere in my head a little better. Instead of how-stupid-and-short-sighted-do-you-have-to-be, I'm starting to see her the way Harrison is trying (I think) to portray her: she's a demon, all right, crazy the way demons are. The good news is, that makes the rapid acquisition of powers a lot more palatable.

Al's stunt with the spare potions was interesting, but what happened between Pierce and Al afterwards further confirms that Rachel's behavior really is the behavior of a sane demon, rather than an insane witch. She makes sense in the right context -- which is probably what Harrison is trying to get across.

By having Robbie and mom move away, some of the treat-her-like-a-kid crap should fade away. By having the witches shun Rachel, she has a low-level significant problem in her life to slow her down. It seems like the stage is set for Rachel to tackle the large problem of getting everyone else to come around to her way of thinking (and Ford's, now, too) about What is Right/White and What is Wrong/Black. That should provide an epic enough struggle for at least a couple books. I'm sure Harrison will find something else to do up front, but I'll play along for at least one more outing -- even if it turns out to be a bunch of foolishness about vampire souls and everyone's aura.

ETA: I meant to say, there at the end when Ivy is loaning her aura to Rachel who feels a need to burn the crap out of the last resting place of Kisten's killer AND Denon (both already dead, which was apparently unsatisfactory for both of them; I thought it was kind of convenient), Ivy seems surprised at just how much power Rachel can wield off the ley line. Further indication that there will be a lot less of the treat-her-like-a-kid foolishness.
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