walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Sunday, Monday. . .

Yesterday was warm! R. and T. shoveled snow and slush and water around on the driveway which was good -- it helped it melt even faster. As a result, getting down to pavement after this morning's snow storm (which is, alas, continuing in the afternoon) was possible. I am now stopping, however, as I am extremely tired. R. can delete with whatever white stuff is on the driveway when he gets home.

We all four went out to lunch at Applebee's yesterday. After the kids were down last night, I started TurboTax, figuring I'd see how far I got before psychotic rage stopped me in my tracks. Because I have not received any K-1's, however, I got through basically call of it, and then R. finished with the e-mailed/electronic 1099-INTs he had, the property taxes on this house, etc. My plan had been to file for an extension, but I think instead we're going to file, and then amend when, inevitably, more paperwork trickles in later. It was helpful that I had already done Schedule H back in February when I did the W-2. Also, I get the impression that the electronic downloads are working a little better -- fewer weird things to fix. I have one more basis to track down and enter, then I think we'll file. I'm leaving some money at the IRS and getting some refund; it's nice not to have to write a check this year. I even did the NH DRA form last night, and discovered I'd overpaid there, too, which means I can leave some there and get some back (since we're moving, we should only owe for one quarter this year).

Today's activities primarily revolved around shoveling. R. had to go pick up the radon test from the MA house and send it off via the mail to be assessed. So he left early. Fortunately, T. slept in, altho A. did not. I tried calling B., but she didn't answer any messages for over an hour since she overslept. But T. ate and was generally cooperative; he helped me with the snow, if helping includes shoveling snow onto the van, B.'s car, me, etc.

Also, we got an estimate from Gentle Giant, who it looks like we'll be using for the move.
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