walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

Big News! I found my Mino!

Sometime before T-day last year, I lost track of my camera and my Mino. I had a solid month to track it down in time for T-day, and I failed. I had another month to find it by Xmas. I failed. I ultimately bought a replacement camera, since the camera dated from 2002 or so, had been replaced in 2006 but the replacement was dropped (by me) at the playground. There was sand. The lens motor croaked. But I was delaying replacing the Mino, because I was _really_ hoping I'd find it.

This morning, while I was being really cranky and going through stacks of crap that had been collecting dust for months, and rearranging stuff shoved haphazardly onto closet shelves, I pulled down the Eddie Bauer diaper bag that I bought so R. wouldn't have to carry the purple leather handbag I usually use for A. (T. has his backpack still.) As I went through the pockets, lo and behold, there they were. It's a black bag. Both cameras are in black pouches.

Worst of all, I had searched _that particular bag_ TWICE! looking for the cameras. I don't know how I missed it.

ETA: And a few SD cards in the case with the camera. Which are always handy to have around, especially the 2 Gig one.
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