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healthcare debate


There seems to be a _lot_ of fighting the last war going on:

"Waxman said Congress must "give the people the assurance that if you have got something you like, you won't lose it.""

I'm pretty sure Waxman's health insurance is already provided by the government, so he may not be aware of how much things have changed for people who still have health insurance provided by the private sector. I don't know of hardly anyone these days who loves their health insurance. I know a lot of people who are pretty upset by how much they have to pay out in shared premiums and/or copays, and still don't have as much coverage as they'd like. And I keep reading about people who _had_ what they thought was good health insurance and then got cancer and went bankrupt.

There's also some stupidity:

"Blunt said Democrats would get a fight on this, too. "An awful lot of people think that this is the first billion-dollar step toward the government deciding what kind of healthcare you should get," he said.

"If you are a 59-year-old guy like me, I am pretty sure I don't want the government making that decision.""

It's easy to say and think that if the government is deciding what kind of healthcare you will get, you'll get worse healthcare than if you made that decision along with your doctor(s). But the reality when studied across populations like the VA says something very, very different. Kaiser makes damn fine decisions too, but not by letting individual patients and doctors decide how to do things.

I am an inveterate DIY'er. I don't like the medical industry. But periodically, I decide I'm outside the scope of viable DIY (this is why I am not actually a Christian Scientist). And when I do, I want to go find someone who is practicing within guidelines put together by people who have done some kind of comprehensive survey of what works best. And as regular readers know, I think the US Preventive Services Task Force are a whole lot more reasonable than what a lot of other (trade based) organizations are plugging. To me, the government providing health insurance and setting practice guidelines is a dream come true, not just because I like socialism, but because I think we'll get much better outcomes for less money.
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