walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

and we own a britax companion ... sigh


This is a little revelation of some actual cars with actual car seats and actual dummies (instead of sled tests). Infant car seats (the kind that hook to a base) did not fare well. While the Britax did not go flying like the Graco, injuries exceeded limits. Adding this to the now suppressed Consumers Union testing does give me the willies. Of course, if we move A. to a rear-facing, will the next revelation indicate _that_ is unsafe?

I suppose I'll contemplate for a few days and pass all this along with the baby gear when we do the hand-me-down drill.

ETA: h/t DT on the above, btw.


I love the dt blog, even tho he is Republican. And this is the best story I've heard about CPAC yet. No contest.
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