walkitout (walkitout) wrote,

_Kitty Raises Hell_, Carrie Vaughn

There be spoilers ahead. You know me.

This is the nth book in the Kitty-the-Werewolf series, a companion to the previous novel, _Kitty and the Dead Man's Hand_. After their all too brief wedding trip to Vegas in which both Kitty and Ben are kidnapped and have to escape (from different and unrelated groups, one supernatural the other not), the Pack in Denver is under attack by a fire-elemental like critter who inscribes Tiamat (the name of the goddess from Denver, actually a high priestess of that goddess, but what's a little deity impersonation between friends, er, whatever?) on the door of New Moon, burns down New Moon (partly) during a seance with the cast of Paranormal PI, causes a member of the Pack to spontaneously combust (SLC?) and generally scares the piss out of them. A new vamp in town, well, really old, actually, and apparently the head guy from Denver shows up and offers to "help" Rick and the pack with this problem. Rick turns him down, but Kitty is a little less hasty even tho she smells a protection racket.

Ultimately, however, the cast from the show(s), the Pack, the local PD and FD and a few other folks (including Grant, and TJ's little brother) help put the djinn back in the bottle (and then in Grant's Lovecraftian portal disguised as a magician's prop). I, personally, figure it wouldn't be _that_ hard to let him out to stand trial. They just need a bunch of blood and ruin dust to keep him from leaving the courtroom during his trial, Tina (or someone similar) to pop him in and out for his trial, and a good Arabic translator so as to make communication possible. Really. Not hard at all -- especially not compared to, say, hold and try a vampire.

Next one out is due in 2010. I'll continue to read them. I would not recommend starting in the middle.
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